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Not All Maple Syrups Are Created Equal

Cask Force: Artist Series

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The Perfect Pour

“We source barrels of only the highest quality from companies that we stand behind. With each batch we are more and more satisfied and the curated artwork we use on our labels expresses the depth of our flavor”

“We’re not the first but we are the best. Our background has always been barrel finishing boutique products. We blind tasted ten of the best Vermont maple syrups to select our source. Their 50+ years of experience in the Vermont maple business combined with our finishing skills is what enables us to have the best barrel aged maple syrup going. “ 

 -Co-founder Nicholas O’Connell

Our Roots

Cask Force has been uniting companies from all over the world since 2013. Their focus has been dialed in to high-end craft companies. They have collaborated with over 20 high-end beverage companies and their network extends as far as France. Their close relationships to master distillers, wine makers and brewers alike has enabled them to become masters of the barrel aging process. 

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"...a perfect balance of rich, savory, sweet, and herbaceous"

— The Boston Globe